Below is a detailed list of frequently asked questions for CO alarms and detectors. Click on a subject heading below to view answers relating to your selection.

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Defining CO FAQs


What are unsafe levels of carbon monoxide? Are there safe carbon monoxide levels?

What causes carbon monoxide? What are some common sources of carbon monoxide?

What is carbon monoxide?

Is carbon monoxide heavier than air? What is the diffusion of carbon monoxide in air?

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Why is carbon monoxide dangerous? What is the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning?

What does "Move to Fresh Air" printed on my carbon monoxide alarm mean?

What should I do when the carbon monoxide alarm sounds?

Why didn't the emergency responder find CO gas after an alarm?

Will carbon monoxide alarms detect explosive gas leaks?

What it the typical carbon monoxide detector life? How long will a CO alarm last?


Equipment FAQs


Has there ever been a First Alert© carbon monoxide alarm recall?

Why does the red light flash on my carbon monoxide alarm? Do I have CO?

Can I unplug the CO alarm to silence or reset it, or do I need to leave it plugged in?

Can you reset a plug-in CO alarm with the test - silence button?

On my First Alert® plug-in carbon monoxide detector, why is the green power light flashing?

What is the proper way to do a carbon monoxide detector test?

Can I do a CO alarm test in any other way besides pressing the test button?

Can I remove the battery from the CO alarm to silence or reset it?

What does the SERVICE light mean on the FCD3 and SC01 carbon monoxide alarm units?

In the First Alert® carbon monoxide detectors - is there an audible and visual warning for carbon monoxide presence?

Why should I leave the carbon monoxide (CO) gas detector alarm plugged in all year?

What is the expected carbon monoxide alarm battery life?

I have a "remote control carbon monoxide alarm" - a carbon monoxide alarm that states that you can use your TV remote control to test or silence or test this alarm - that will not operate. What should I do?


Installation FAQs


Where should I install carbon monoxide detectors? What is proper carbon monoxide detector placement?

Is there anywhere I shouldn't install carbon monoxide detectors?

Does First Alert® make an RV carbon monoxide detector?

How many carbon monoxide detectors should I have in my home?

I wonder where to install carbon monoxide detectors, particularly how high off the floor?


Intermittent Alarm FAQs


Is it a carbon monoxide detector false alarm when my CO alarm sounds when there doesn't seem to be a problem?

My battery powered CO alarm keeps chirping. Tell me how to get a carbon monoxide alarm to stop chirping.